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Dyess Real Estate. Clewiston's home finders

For many years Ann Dyess and her staff at Dyess Real Estate have been working with people to find that perfect home for them and their families. They have also helped hundreds of people sell their property when moving. They have homes listed in the Hendry and Glades county area.


Tips for Sellers:


  Here are some tips to help those of you who are ready to sell your home and upgrade to a new home.

10 Tips to selling your home faster
1. First impressions last. So give your home “curb appeal.” Your lawn and garden should be neatly tended, your walkways and porch swept and the inside of your home should be spotless.
2. Let in natural light. Open your curtains and blinds, and make sure the windows are clean and clear.
3. Where possible, remove personal pictures. Make it easy for the prospect to imagine how he or she might live in your home.
4. Remove bric-a-brac. Nobody loves a cluttered house when it’s not theirs.
5. Organize and clean your closets. You can never have too much great closet space to offer buyers.
6. Make sure your bathroom sparkles: from the toilet to the tub; and from the grout to the faucets.
7. Replace all light bulbs and floodlights that don’t work -- inside and out.
8. Now is the time to do all the ‘Saturday Chores’ you may have put off: repair loose doorknobs, stuck windows, and doors that squeak. Buyers can be sticklers when it comes to the small stuff.
9. Remove your pets. Rover goes out of the house when prospective buyers are in it.
10. Let your real estate professional show your home to prospective buyers.  Either leave your home entirely, or stay in one room and read or sit quietly while your sales professional and prospective buyer walk through your home. Remember that buyers are “trying your home on for size,” and imagining themselves, and their belongings, in your home.

Remember that to your prospective buyer, home buying is more than a business transaction.   It’s a huge emotional decision, and may likely represent the most important investment they’ll ever make.






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